Bernard and Mariette René

Bernard René was appointed by Missions Door in October 2010, to plant a Haitian Church in Bloomfield, New Jersey.


Bernard was raised in a Christian home. He came to the Lord when he was 10 years old during a vacation Bible school. He attended Bolosse Baptist Church as an adult, where he met his wife Mariette, and they were both baptized. Mariette became a Christian in her teens through a week of revival services held in Haiti by Al Crocker, an Americanevangelist.

God prepared Bernard for ministry by providing his biblical education at Lancaster Bible College. As soon as he graduated, he felt called to the ministry. After being ordained in 1987, he went back to Haiti and pastored Nazon Evangelical Church from 1987 until 1999.

During his 12 years of ministry in Haiti, Bernard saw the Lord’s faithfulness, evidenced by the Lord’s blessing the ministry with much fruit. Mariette ran the church medical clinic as a nurse, and led the ladies’ ministry.


IIn 1978 Bernard and Mariette were married, and the Lord blessed them with three children: Jean Bernard, Carl Edouard and

Claude Henriette. All three love and serve the Lord.


B.S. in Bible at Lancaster Bible College

M.A. in French Studies from Montclair State University.

Teaching Certificate.